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Scriptlighter lets you set up play readings in minutes.


Have you ever organized a play reading for a classroom or stage group?

If you have, you probably remember spending hours making sure everyone had a part to read, that the parts were about the same size, and that no one wound up talking to themselves.

And then someone canceled, forcing you to do all that work again.

Scriptlighter does that for you, so you can focus on reading together. Pick a play, send your readers a link, and start reading, with everyone's lines highlighted just for them.


Save paper and time by sending readers' parts straight to their smartphones. Select your play, share its link via email or QR code, and let Scriptlighter automatically collect names and assign parts in seconds. It even displays your readers' personalized scripts right on their devices.

Readers who create a free Scriptlighter account can skip entering their names in the future, so their parts are assigned even faster the next time.


Scriptlighter does the work for you, but you are in control. You can change roles and parts in your reading as you see fit. Have a nervous reader? Make their part a little smaller. Know someone really wants to read Hamlet's part? Give it to them. Scriptlighter is your chauffeur, but you can grab the wheel whenever you want.

Distribute your readings your way. You can print them, view them on tablets, or open them on your smartphones, whatever works best for you.

Whether you're doing Shakespeare readings for a classroom of forty high school students or casting a play you wrote yourself for your stage group of six, Scriptlighter can do the drudgery for you.


Scriptlighter is a natural fit for doing remote readings (say, hypothetically speaking, during a pandemic). Set up a video call, send the link to your readers, and go.

Where to Start?

The best way to learn how to use Scriptlighter is to try it for yourself, but if you're not ready to take the plunge just yet, we've created some videos to show you what Scriptlighter can do, as well as provide a few helpful tips for using Scriptlighter to its full potential.

If you're brand new to Scriptlighter, check out our Getting Started video to see what Scriptlighter is all about.

If you're looking to get the most out of Scriptlighter when creating play readings for larger groups, you'll want to take a look at our video on Managing Groups.

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